31. May 2016

Chambers Machining Center


Chambers Machining Center

for automated processing of manholes and pipe parts


Machine Description
– Robust, torsion-resistant machine stand and saw frame made of steel
– Optimal cutting with High-speed milling spindle
– Adjustable feed rate of milling spindle
– Control panel with touch screen
– Manual clamping of workpiece
– Pneumatic clamping of turntable

Clamping / Loading
The SBM has a centrally exciting four-jaw chuck with flexible internal and external clamping arms. To increase the dimensional stability at variable unstable work pieces a supporting bridge without great effort is additionally applicable. After releasing the four – jaw chuck tensioning, the components can be removed or loaded by crane or forklift safely. The clamping plate additionally includes a manual rotary axis with rotation angle display. With this angularly arranged holes can be manufactured without reclamping. The clamping of the complete four-jaw chuck unit is done by a pneumatic clamping unit.

The user interface of the SBM works via touch screen and intuitive menu navigation. User friendly and uncomplicated input menus provide short make ready times and downtimes.

To enter the coordinates for machining the diameter size and the feed rate, speed and tool paramaters are
available. After this the processing is done autonomously without requiering interventions by the operator.

The user interface easy to operate.

The use of advanced milling strategies and technologies, including standardized tools enable high
preciosion and fast and secure processing of your components and parts.

High efficiency and cost associated with high functionality and quality have been implemented in this

Servo motor driven ball screws in combination with precision guides are a guarantee for fast movements and maximum efficiency. As a basis for this is a torsionally rigid steel frame modular design, a water cooled high speed milling spindle completes the milling. In the tool segment is a wide range of cutters available, the tool change takes place partly automatically and is possible within a few seconds. The changeover time by tool and component change is a very small.

The SBM is designed for maximum durability and stability as guides and bearings are generously sized and selected by experienced engineers. Riexinger use components from reputable manufacturers with many years of cooperation. When replacement parts are requiered, these parts are available in a short time. Fault in the system, quick access via remote maintenance is also possible. The hardware is pre installed.

Traversing speed:Max. 10 m/min
Tool holder:HSK 63 A
Spindle speed:12000 R/min
Spindle power:25 kW


Traversing path SBM 2500SBM 3000SBM 3500
X-Axis:2,80 m3,30 m3,80 m
Y-Axis:3,00 m3,00 m3,00 m
Z-Axis:1,68 m1,95 m2,20 m
Technical Data
Lenght:7200 mm
Width:7200 mm
Height:5200 mm
Weight:7850 kg


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