1. March 2016

Infrared emitter

Download: Infrared emitter spec sheet

Bilateral beaming infrared emitter

Bilateral beaming infrared emitterInfrared emitter

New contour-tracking infrared emitter with a high energy efficiency. There are several advantages:
– low weight (low mass inertia, low acceleration forces of the machine necessary)
– low thermal inertia (sensitive responding behaviour and an precise control)
– little installation space / slimline design
– no smoke formation when heating carbon-black filled plastics
– short changeover time


Heating phase PEEK-tubes:

– slimline design
– low mass
– robust construction
– medium-waved emission spectrumComparative weld tests:

Aufschmelzversuche im Vergleich

Experimental setup:

Horizontal warm up of sheets with 4mm thickness




Emitter distance: 3 mm
Heating time: 20 s
Melt layer thickness: ~ 1,1 mm = const.
(transmitted light microscopically
photo with polarized light)

Profile symetricProfile angle
The new IR-emitter:
The competitor:
Symmetric profileTitled profile because of the
convenction between emitter
and component surface


With the new developed emitter in the short- and medium waved radiation spectrum there are a number of technological advantages. The construction of the emitter enables the bilateral radiation yield. The emitter only needs a very little installation space and his tare weight is very low in comparison to other emitters. This, in turn, gives benefits in terms of the dynamic and the availability of the system.

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