28. February 2016

Large Pipe Saws

Download: GRBSM spec sheet


The innovative large pipe cutting system

for plastic pipes, infrastructure, water/waste water utilities, environmental


Water or waste water piping systems and rain collection systems are nowadays mostly made of plastic. The pipes have a diameter of up to 4.5 meters. In the large diameters the pipes need to be processed safely and precisely.

Our sawing machines are designed that all the work can be done by machine, computer controlled, precision, resource-friendly and can be carried out by persons without risk.

The time savings over conventional machining is extremely high at verifiably 50% to 60%. The saws are characterized by a prominent functionality in the pipe machining and fitting finishing.The quality of the final product increases by almost 100%. A new standard has been achieved.

By a precisely executed saw cut, it is possible to process the component without subsequent machining. By using different saw band types, matched to the material, the handling of a large number of plastics and plastic-compounds is possible. Wall thicknesses from a few millimeters to more than 140 mm are no problem for these saws.

The machines have safety switches, automatic off functions and are equipped with modern overload modules for motor and electrical components. Electronic brake modules for the abrupt saw band shut down are also part of standard, as a linelaser device which indicates the cut position. The operation becomes a “child’s play”.

The operation of the large pipe saws are via a large touch-panel that allows the operator a good and simple overview.The operator is guided step by step through the individual menus with graphical user interfaces he can navigate and select very quickly.

In view of the security when the saw blade must be changed the system sets new standards. Due to the large system size is usually a band saw change a time-and-safety-critical operation that must be carried out only with accessories. Not so with the saw system of Riexinger. The whole saw bow is easy to deposit for changing the saw band, so no more ladders or lifting devices are required. The down time of the saw during the saw band changing is thus reduced to a minimum.

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GroßrohrsägeGroßrohrsäge eingeklappt




GR-BSM Large Electric Bandsaw

for big pipes up to Ø 4500 mm

Machine Description

– Innovative bandsaw concept with a mobile saw bow
– Precision angle cuts (0°… 45° stepless / 67,5° / 90° cross cut)
– Combination cuts possible for moldings without rotation of the tube
– Low level pipe support helps with loading and unloading
– Saw band easy to change (without climbing aids)
– Fine adjustment of the cutting position without moving the pipe
– Dialog multi-language operation with touch-screen

Various customized versions available!

Technical Data

GR-BSM 1200 GR-BSM 2500GR-BSM 3500 GR-BSM 4500
Lenght in mm:8.4008.40010.600 12.600
Width in mm:5.0006.6007.800 8.900
Height max. in mm:3.0004.3005.300 6.400
Weight in kg:5.0007.0009.000 12.000
Cutting Range in mm
(external diameter)
355 – 1.200630 – 2.500630 – 3.500 630 – 4.500

Transport: delivered partially disassembled in a truck or container

Further variants and sizes available on request!!

Electrical Data
– Saw band drive 5,5 kW
– Connecting 400 V

Standard Cuts

Cutting area -45°... 0°...+45°
Standard cutting area with fine adjustment
90° Cross cut
Cutting area -45°… 0°…+45°Standard cutting area with fine adjustment
90° Cross cut
Y-piece outlet pipe 67,5° / 22,5°
T-piece main pipe
T-piece outlet pipe
Y-piece outlet pipe 67,5° / 22,5°T-piece main pipeT-piece outlet pipe


Cutting Options

Y-piece main pipe
Automatic segments pieces (pipe must not be rotated, programmable)
Flexible angle (main pipe/exit pipe)
Y-piece main pipeAutomatic segments pieces (pipe must not be rotated, programmable)
Flexible angle (main pipe/exit pipe)
Radius cut
Open cut area
Radius cutOpen cut area

With the help of this sawing system, each required cut can be produced cost-effectively. There are various outline cuts possible without moving or rotating the pipe. This results in an up to now not achievable accuracy and quality and a tremendous time saver.


Example: Special edition GR-BSM 1200-S

Mobile pneumatic clampings guarantee a precise cut without deformation of the pipe


Large Plastic Saw 1200-S


Panel sight touch-display
Panel sight touch-display
Tangential radius cut
Panel sight touch-display
Tangential radius cut
Test cut through car body

Test cut through car body


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