29. February 2016

SFSM 630 / 355

SFSM 630 / 355

SFSM 630 / 355

Automatic saddle-milling-welding machine for pipe outlets 90°


Machine Description
Automatic semi-milling welding machine. Machine for the automatic production of distribution / collection pipes up to Ø 630 through caliper welding of the end pieces. PLC controled process of production by automatical pipe transport, circular milling of the end bore and automatic DMS compliant welding of the saddle pieces.

Main pipe diameter 200 mm to 630 mm
Disposal pipe diameter 160 mm to 355 mm

Technical Data

Lenght:3100 mm
Width:2250 mm
Height:2200 mm
Weight:1200 kg

Electrical Data
Drive motor with overload protection, 400 V, 22 kW, 50/60 Hz

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