1. March 2016

FSM 400 / 600

Download: FSM 400 / 600 spec sheet

FSM 400 / 600

FSM 400 / 600 Joint Tape Welding Devices


Machine Description
Welding device to weld water bares, light sheets and other materials.

The welding device consists of a main frame, a fixed and a movable table. The endings of the materials are fixed with form parts on the table. The heating element is not fixed between the clamping jaws, swiveled in by hand. Heat-up pressure and joining pressure are operated by lever.

– Heating element anti-adhesive coated
– Build-in thermostat
– Interval control lamp integrated in the handle
– Infinitely variable set temperature up to 280° C (536° F)
– Including cable and plug
– ON/OFF-switch

Technical Data

FSM 400FSM 600
Weight16 kg31 kg
Height330 mm240 mm
Width450 mm700 mm
Depth420 mm500 mm
Welding widthmax. 380 mm
max. 580 mm
Clamping jaws not included. Price on request.

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