31. May 2016

Hot Riveting Machine

Hot Riveting Machine

Hot Riveting Machine

for plastic fans


Machine Description
– Solid base frame with turntable admission.
– Turntable with 12 workpiece holders.
– The workpiece holders are designed such that via an adapter different sizes can be processed.
– The heating element consists 6 segments which are individually controlled. The heating elements are placed about 2 – 3 mm over the workpieces.
– The heating of the riveting works via heat radiation.
– The different heights of the workpieces are compensated threw the adapters, so that the top is always the same.
– Printing unit consisting of plunger, pressure spindle and servo motor.
– The plunger is designed so that threw an additional pressure plate the metal plate is pressed to the fan wheel (hold-down function).
– The pressure is monitored via a pressure force sensor. Threw a path measuring system the thickness of the fan wheel is monitored.
– The unloading station consists a Pneumatic cylinder with gripper and a discharge chute.
– In the discharge chute a stopper cylinder is positioned, which stops the reject parts.
– The control of the machine works via a PLC.
– The machine is in the danger zone housed with a security fence.

The machine is manually loaded, the fan wheel and the metal disc are plugged together on a separate station which is next to the machine.

The rest of the sequence works automatically.

The reject parts are removed manually.

Further variants and sizes available on request!

Automation, Robot, Riexinger