21. March 2017

BSM 1600

Download: BSM 1600 spec sheet

BSM 1600 electrical bandsaw

BSM 1600 Electric Bandsaw

for plastic pipes Ø 400 mm – 1600 mm


Machine Description
– Dual saw arm travel support (adjustable from 0° to 45° to both sides)
– Mitre sawing facility with swivelling saw arm
– Prismatic guide shafts guarantee a precise cut
– Electric dual saw arm travel infinitely variable
– Control panel with micro-controller
– Automatical saw band guidance
– Cutting depth stop and automatic cutting stop
– Angle scale and angle adjustment are at the forefront of the machine
– V-table
– Laser cutting control

Technical Data

Lenght:5750 mm
Width:5550 mm
Height:4500 mm
Weight:2700 kg

Electrical Data

Drive motor with overload protection, 400 V, 4,0 kW, 50/60 Hz

Sawing Range
400 mm up to 6200 mm
Soft Start Module
Brake module for sawblade stop

Special versions available!

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