Retrofit service by RIEXINGER
Manufacturer-independent upgrading of older machines and plants

Retrofit service by RIEXINGER - Manufacturer-independent upgrading of older machines and plants

Apart from many advantages, getting older unfortunately also brings some unpleasant things with it. You get a few aches and pains here and there, your performance declines and although you are still very well equipped, you wish you could bring the old quality back up to current requirements. This is also the case with machines and plants that have seen their best days. However, what is difficult to implement for people is no problem thanks to the RIEXINGER retrofit service for your machine or plant.

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Efficient machine modernisation

With our retrofit service, existing plants are brought back up to date by replacing obsolete components and adding new, contemporary technological advancements. Depending on your requirements, we pursue several goals in the process, including

  • Extending the service life
  • Increase in production volume or product quality
  • Higher efficiency of the plant, e.g. through energy saving
  • Compliance with legal requirements (e.g. emission reduction, occupational safety)
  • Ensuring the supply of spare parts
  • Intuitive machine operation with state-of-the-art HMI
  • Networking the machine (Industry 4.0)

Retrofit service by RIEXINGER – an attractive economic alternative.

The advantage for you lies in the modernization of the system and the associated increase in productivity at significantly lower costs in relation to buying a new one Attachment. The stable basic substance of the machine is retained and, in the case of large machines, there are no high replacement investments for the manufacture of the foundation.

Individually adapted to your wishes, our specialists overhaul the existing system and achieve improvements in terms of productivity, precision, functionality and networking. In addition to the use of original spare parts, we also offer you comprehensive quality assurance and a warranty on the entire scope of services.

Benefits of retrofitting

The most striking advantage of retrofitting has already been mentioned at the beginning – the costs are lower than for a new acquisition. But this is by far not the only positive aspect. For the employees, the handling of a system has long since become a familiar routine; thanks to retrofitting, in most cases they do not have to get used to it or take part in time-consuming and costly training courses. Even conversions in the production hall or space problems are completely eliminated: everything remains as before, the basic structure is the same, albeit with decisive modifications. Sometimes a retrofit can even release the last bit of potential that a system was not able to develop before, for example in terms of increasing product quality and productivity.

Your advantages in summary

  • Lower investment costs than installing a new machine or system
  • No new foundation costs
  • Proven stable machine bed can be adopted
  • Less staff training required, as machine is largely known
  • No new, and thus lengthy, approval procedure
  • Further time saving through only partial renewal

Our retrofit services

Machine retrofit

The scope of a machine retrofit depends on the customer’s wishes and the condition of the plant or machine.

It can include the modernisation of the drive technology, e.g. replacing pneumatic drives with servo drives. Linear guides, spindles and other wear parts can also be replaced in the course of a machine retrofit, using the latest products whose availability is guaranteed for years to come.

During a machine retrofit, optimisations of the safety technology can also be implemented. Light barriers, for example, are a sensible alternative to access doors.

Control system retrofit

A retrofit of the control system makes sense especially for systems whose operation is time-consuming and requires intensive training for new employees. State-of-the-art control systems with graphical user interfaces and touchscreen operation facilitate the handling of the system and reduce the risk of operating errors.

In addition, new functions can be implemented in existing machines as well as networking of the machine with production planning (Industry 4.0). This makes your system future-proof and enables state-of-the-art production planning.


A machine or system in your company needs a makeover? Contact us! Because with our manufacturer-independent retrofit service for upgrading older machines and systems, we are there for you.

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