Functional, manual, semi and fully automatic solutions and machines for the plastics processing industry.

The core competence of our company lies in the engineering and manufacture of devices, heating plates, tools and systems for sawing, welding and drilling plastics of all kinds. Our experience and problem-solving competence in the construction of special machines in a wide variety of areas is based on a long tradition.

Our product range for the plastics processing industry

Sawing machines by Riexinger for cutting plastic pipes

Sawing machines

Our product range extends from manual entry-level saws to semi-automatic saws and fully automatic saws with almost any cutting option.

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Riexinger welding machines for joining plastics

Welding machines

We offer you competent advice and implementation for all types of machines and systems in the fields of hot plate, friction and radiation welding.

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Special machines by Riexinger are functional, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions for the plastics processing industry

Special machines

Special requirements require special solutions. With our many years of experience in special machine construction, we are able to create the right solution for exactly your application.

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With the hand-held welding tools by Riexinger you can weld plastic pipes and parts of all kinds

Hand-held welding tools

Our hand welding devices for butt welding and/or socket welding are versatile and universal for the most diverse materials and applications and can also be used mechanically with little effort.

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Riexinger heating elements for machines, devices and special applications of all kinds

Heating elements

We have many years of experience in the design of heating elements for machines, devices and special applications of all kinds and the associated control systems.

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Infrared emitters by Riexinger for contactless welding of plastics

Infrared emitters

With our infrared emitters there are many technological advantages in the short and medium wave radiation range for contactless welding of plastics.

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Vulcanizing devices by Riexinger for welding joint bands

Vulcanising devices

Riexinger vulcanising devices are used for the professional joining of joint tapes made of the materials SBR, CR and EPDM.

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