1. March 2016

Heating bars

Download: Heating bars spec sheet

Heating bar for bending or butt welding

Heating bars

Heating barfor bevelling or butt-welding of plastic plates. Working surface with anti-adhesive coating. Electronically controlled with analogue or digital displays. With digital display, set value and actual value are displayed simultaneously. Indicator for heating intervals.
Heating bars can be installed as machine tools in bevelling, welding or bending machines, or with handle attached, they can be used as hand-held devices. The electronic control system is contained in a seperate housing and is connected to the heating bar via connector plug.

Article no.TypeLenghtFor plate widthVoltsWatts
With angle 77° for swivel bending welding:
300 677HL 10001200 mm1000 mm2301800
300 679HL 20002200 mm2000 mm2302800
300 681HL 30003200 mm3000 mm4004000
30×80 mm without tip for butt welding:
302 806HL 1001
300 680HL 2001
300 742HL 3001

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