Selected videos of our machines and plants

Robot milling systems

Milling of huge plastic pipes.

In cooperation with KUKA, we have developed a fully integrated, automated solution for milling huge plastic pipes with KUKA KR QUANTEC robots and other devices. This solution was put into operation at our customer’s production facility in Wales for milling Weholite pipes up to 3.5 meters in diameter.

Sawing machines

BSM 630 R-W

The multifunctional band saw BSM 630 R-W is able to make straight and offset cuts, angle cuts from 0° to 45°, radial cuts and combined cuts on plastic pipes.

BSM 800 automatic

Electric band saw for plastic pipes with automatic feed, laser cut detection and rotating saw bow.

Sawing machine for thick-walled pipes

Our band sawing machines can saw plastic pipes with a diameter of up to 4,500 mm and a wall thickness of 350 mm.

BSM 3500

Large pipe saw for pipes with a maximum diameter of 3,500 mm.

Shaft processing machines


Shaft milling centre for automated machining of shafts and pipe parts in shaft production.

Further special machines

BE 1000/630

Drilling unit for drilling holes in plastic pipes