29. February 2016


Download: ASV 3 spec sheet


Saddle-mounting device ASV 3

for the saddle welding of outgoing pipe flanges 90°


Mobile Saddle-mounting device for heating tool saddle welding of weld-on saddles and multiple saddles for main pipe sizes DA 50 up to DA 400. Main pipe tensioned and held in place by belts. With the aid of exchangeable reductions there is the possibility to weld different outgoing tube flanges. The scale for clamping pressure can be set. The heating tools for saddle welding are with anit-adhesive coating.

Main pipe sizes Ø 160 mm – 630 mm
Outgoing tube flanges Ø 20 mm – 110

Reducing semi-shells from Ø 20 mm – 90 mm according to outgoing tube flange


ASG 3 Handschweißgerät

ASG 3 Manual welding tool

The manual welding tool for ASV 3 saddle-mounting device. The control is electronic or thermostatic.
An ON/OFF-switch and an indicator lamp for heating intervals are integrated in the handle. The manual welding tool is adjustable from 50° to 280°C (122° – 572° F). There is a guide stop to limit penetration depth.

 Artcle No.Type Control Volts Watts Weight
300 206ASG 3 TThermostat23010002,4 kg
300 207ASG 3 EElektronic23010002,4 kg
302 944ASG 3 TThermostat11010002,4 kg
300 208ASG 3 TElektronic11010002,4 kg
300 209ASV 312,5 kg


– Saddle heaters (depending on outgoing tube flange and main tube size)
– Teflon piece for the welding time delay

Please mention main tube size and outgoing tube flange with your order!

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