SBM manhole processing machine for the automated processing of plastic manholes and plastic pipe parts

The demands on water, wastewater and rainwater transport systems made of plastic pipes are constantly growing due to changing climatic conditions, and so are the necessary pipe diameters. The processing of pipes with large diameters of up to 3,500 mm requires exceptional precision and compliance with safety rules.

RIEXINGER’s manhole processing machines are designed to meet the requirements of modern production by being able to variably mill cut-outs and boreholes in manholes or pipe sections at any point and in various sizes. Almost the entire milling process is computer-controlled and the operation is so simple that the involvement of the employees is largely limited to monitoring the machine.

All advantages at a glance

  • Robust, torsion-free steel machine stand
  • Optimum cuts through high-speed milling spindle
  • Adjustable feed rate of the milling spindle
  • Easy operation via touch screen after a very short training period
  • Optional manual or pneumatic clamping of the workpiece

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Highly precise, flexible and yet so simple

Compared to conventional solution in the creation of boreholes and breakouts on large diameter manholes and pipe parts, the use of the manhole machining machine from RIEXINGER results in time savings of around 60%. The milling result is characterised by a precise finish of the machined levels, which require no further machining and ensure a perfect fit of individual elements.

Operation is via touch display and intuitive menu navigation. User-friendly and uncomplicated input menus enable the shortest possible set-up and non-productive times. The machining coordinates, bore size, feed rate, speed and tool parameters can be selected for input. Subsequently, machining is carried out autonomously without any intervention by the operator.

By using the most modern milling strategies and technologies, taking into account standardised tools, we enable the highest precision with simultaneous fast and safe machining of your components.

Kill several birds with one stone!

With the shaft processing machine, we put you in a position to increase the efficiency and profitability of your company and thereby decisively improve the functionality and quality of your products.

Modern technology

The shaft machining machine has a centrically clamping four-jaw chuck with flexible internal and external clamping. To increase the dimensional stability of unstable workpieces, a variable support bridge can also be used without great effort. After releasing the chuck clamping, the components can be safely removed or loaded by means of a crane or stacker. The clamping plate also contains a manual rotary axis with rotation angle display. This allows angularly arranged bores to be produced without reclamping. The clamping of the complete clamping unit is done by means of a pneumatic brake unit.

Servomotor-driven ball screws in combination with precision guides guarantee the fastest movements and highest efficiency. The basis for this is a torsion-resistant steel frame in modular design, a water-cooled high-speed milling spindle rounds off the milling process. A wide range of milling cutters is available for tool selection, tool change is semi-automatic and possible within a few seconds. Thus, the changeover effort due to tool and component change is very low.

The manhole processing machine is designed for maximum durability and stability so guides and bearings are generously dimensioned and selected by experienced engineers. RIEXINGER only uses components from renowned manufacturers in years of cooperation. If spare parts are required, they can be supplied at short notice. In the event of faults in the system, rapid access is also possible by means of remote maintenance.

See the SBM 3500 in action

Technical data of the manhole processing machine

Dimensions and weight

 SBM 1500SBM 2500SBM 3000SBM 3500
Length:6,600 mm7,000 mm7,600 mm7,700 mm
Width:4,400 mm6,000 mm6,600 mm6,600 mm
Height:3,900 mm4,500 mm5,200 mm4,500 mm
Further variants and sizes on request.

Traverse paths

 SBM 1500SBM 2500SBM 3000SBM 3500
X-axis:2,200 mm3,300 mm3,600 mm3,600 mm
Y-axis:2,200 mm2,800 mm3,650 mm2,800 mm
Z-axis:2,000 mm2,000 mm2,000 mm2,000 mm

Electrical connection

 SBM 1500SBM 2500SBM 3000SBM 3500
Operating voltage:3 x 400 V 3~/N/PE
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Fuse:63 A
Connected load:30 kVA
Connection type:client-side, 63 A, 400 V
Phase sequence:clockwise rotating field

Pneumatic connection

 SBM 1500SBM 2500SBM 3000SBM 3500
Minimum pressure:6 bar
Nominal pressure:6 bar
Maximaldruck:8 bar
Connection:Plug nipple NW 7,2

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes the following:

  • 1x Basic machine “SBM”
  • 1x Control panel with touch screen
  • 1x Operating manual
  • additionally selected options and accessories

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