21. June 2016

Robot Milling Machine

With the robot milling system for the automated processing of plastic pipes you not only save time but also demonstrably more than 50% of your costs.

Robot Milling Machine

for flexible pipe machining


With our robot machining system you increase the quality of your products, protecting the health of your employees and save not only time but also over 50% of your costs. Because of better fitting and minor refinishing work you save valuable working time and additional material costs. As a machine/robot/system integrator for the industry we provide you with our longtime experience.

The robotic machining center makes accurate machining of large and voluminous plastic pipes and fittings possible (for example shafts). Either for preparation of items for welding or for subsequent processing of these assemblies. Thus, the flexible system allows individual processing of different products.
On the round table with self-centering workpiece clamping, components can be rotated and edited by 360°. The flexible L-shaped machine table can handles different sizes of shaped parts which have already been welded. On the horizontal axis rotary table you can edit particularly long tubes or round workpieces.
The heart of the system is the multi-axis robot with a high-speed milling spindle and linear axis. The extension of the working area by the linear axis allows the machining of workpieces along the entire length. Thanks to the modular design the workspace can be extended when needed.
The 10-station tool changer completes the fully automated edits from different tools.
The operation is similar to a CNC machine and for machine operators very familiar. The milling program is written using the supplied software directly from the 3D CAD model.


Sales of industrial robots worldwide in the years 2004 to 2018

The tendency is rising. In 2015, the sale of robots rose by 25% to 264.874 units, by far the highest sales ever recorded. Sales of industrial robots increased in each sector compared to 2014. The automotive and electronics / electrical industries were primarily responsible for this growth, but the plastics industry is also counting more and more on the automated and cost-saving alternative.

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