Robot milling machine for flexible machining of plastic pipes:
Increase your productivity with our automated solution

Achieve outstanding results in the flexible machining of plastic pipes with our state-of-the-art robotic milling system. With this innovative solution, you not only increase the quality of your products, but also protect the health of your employees. At the same time, you save valuable time and reduce your costs by over 50 percent.

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All advantages at a glance

  • Precision and fitting accuracy: Our robot milling system enables high-precision machining of large and voluminous plastic pipes as well as moulded parts. You receive workpieces with exact dimensions and minimise reworking.
  • Time saving: Thanks to fully automatic machining and the use of a 10-fold tool changer, you achieve a considerable reduction in machining time and thus increase your productivity.
  • Lower material costs: The fitting accuracy of the workpieces not only leads to less scrap, but also to savings in material costs.
  • Flexibility: Our system enables the individual machining of a wide variety of products, from individual parts to complex assemblies.
  • User-friendliness: Operation is similar to that of a CNC machining centre and is therefore easy to learn for experienced machine operators. The milling programme is created directly from the 3D CAD model.
  • Modular design: The workspace can be easily expanded to meet your future needs as your requirements increase.
  • Seamless integration: Our robot processing system can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and enables smooth cooperation with other machines and systems.

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Precise machining of large and voluminous plastic pipes

Our robot machining system enables precise and individual machining of a wide range of products. It is suitable both for the preparation of individual parts for welding and for the subsequent machining of assemblies. In particular, large and voluminous plastic pipes as well as moulded parts such as manholes can be processed effortlessly. With our flexible system, you are able to optimise the fitting accuracy of your workpieces and thus save valuable working time and additional material costs.

See the robot milling system for flexible machining of plastic pipes in action

Versatile machining possibilities thanks to intelligent design

Our robotic milling machine offers a wide range of machining options. The rotary table with self-centring workpiece clamping enables 360° rotation and machining of the components. The flexible L-shaped machine table enables the depositing and clamping of differently sized moulded parts that have already been welded. In addition, particularly long pipes or round workpieces can be machined with the help of the horizontal axis rotary table. The heart of the system is the multi-axis robot with a high-speed milling spindle and linear axis that enables precise machining over the entire length of the workpieces.

Make the right choice for your plastic pipe machining needs

The industrial robot market is continuously growing, and the benefits of automated solutions are undeniable. Choose our robotic milling system for flexible tube machining and benefit from first-class quality, increased efficiency and cost savings. Contact us today and revolutionise your tube machining! Our experienced team is available to answer your questions and find a customised solution for your requirements.

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